Just Line Times

Line Times was born out of frustration with using other apps: Where are the wait times? How do you sort them? What do these abbrivations mean? Line Times cuts through all of that, clearly and beautifully.

Easy to Use

Swipe left to right for settings, pull down to refresh, tap for descriptions, and hold to submit a line's time. That's everything you need to know in one sentence.


Line Times is backed by our own servers, ensuring that data is synced correctly—and most importantly—quickly.

Beautifully Crafted

From the fonts, to the kern, to the color selections for each park: Every aspect of Line Times was considered to make it pleasant to use.

Line Times is absolutely the most fantastic app on the planet Earth. Forever.

Cindy My Fiancé

My son is a frickn' genius and I am green with dad-jealousy.

Larry My Father

Dude? Bro.

James My Buddy

Feedback & Questions

I'd love to hear from you. Is Line Times missing something? Did the app break for you in some way? Do you have a suggestion?